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SIG P226 Navy

Showing and shooting the Sig P226 Navy, a modern classic.
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drvannostran : Nice shooting old timer.
Robert Bennett : Way too many rounds through a borrowed gun.
Grigor Grigorov : You know....special forces don't choose their weapons by accident so from that point of view SIG is quite a good choice for a handgun.The P226 is the basic model (just like Glock 17 is for Glocks) for example. However it's expensive to afford one of these(compared to other models), but most important it's worth it.
Wildman2012 : Full-auto P226?
Alex Penha ` : GRUMEC

German SIG-Sauer P226

In honor of the closing of Sig Sauer in Germany, I decided we needed to feature the most famous firearm to come from its factory, the SIG-Sauer P226. This one is a vintage West German-made model and really what started it all for the P226's reputation for quality and reliability. Go check out the video and remember to subscribe below.

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MR. TOMMY : The premium German P226 X5 and X6 Series are all gone, very sad.
Daniel Willett : Videos are always just enough time with no fluff added. No no-nonsense delivery with all the technical input and history you need. I can appreciate that.
Maximus Meridius : Back when Sigs were respected guns
J S : The German government at it again. They nearly put H&K out of business when they cancelled the G11 because of unification with East Germany. They thought peace was going to reign and swords were going to be beaten into ploughshares. But they forgot to tell Russia's Vladimir Putin, Iran, and China.
The Sensitive Psycho : Don’t have a german made sig, but I do own two P226’s a .40 and a 9mm emperor scorpion elite. Both tack drivers and not going anywhere.

SIG P226 Review

Since 1984 the Sig P226 has served Military, Law Enforcement and Civilian Sheepdogs.

Nutnfancy's "Sig Dynasty" Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGNyQs8pjNo

Thanks for watching~ Sootch00
Stephen Kearney : best 9 ever. d/a single. the best combo.
Theod Mi : AMEN!!!
GoPro Diaries : park rangers are issued these.
Anderson C : Aren't the parts inside all MIM? Night that you can't have a good gun made from all MIM parts. Too many get too hung up guns with zero MIM parts... Not much choice as far non custom guides m goes.. Just DW
Hirok 45 : I'ts so cool gun and video,from jp




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