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Strixhaven Twitch Replay #84

Ben participates in another sweatsuit draft tournament and does a draft. Catch him live at
Daesun1 : He's back!
Duffy Elmer : Draft Start 12:36
Game Start 50:25
EonsHD : The prod... the prog.... my son returns!
Harvey Crewe : As someone fairly new to Magic, I feel like I really couldn't have started with a much better mind to present and explain ideas and theory craft game ideology than Ben's.

He really is sharp as a scalpel.
Flaco Nukem : I assumed this set has been kicking your ass but glad your back

Arena Open day 2 sealed run

Watch Ben play his Arena Open day 2 run. Will he cash?
Theblackerlotus : First comment! Excited for the next 3 hours of my life while playing the same game I am watching.
Philosojoey : I say this as a fan, spread the ads out lol. People watching your content are going to give you lengthy watch time anyways because your content is insightful and deserves the watch through. No need to have all the ad breaks in the beginning, it’ll only deter new viewers from sticking around. Other than that, good video! Highly informative as usual!
shadowcatX2000 : No getting to see the deck building?
Portubed : Thanks for the content and solid commentary!
sigoor Abramov : 1:05:30 enchantment can give you +1+1 counter!!!!

Arena Open day 2 Sealed build

Watch Ben build his sealed pool for day 2 of the Arena Open
Justin Girshovich : Apologies for this being a separate video from the actual sealed run but I chose to do it this way to get it on youtube the fastest for people that didn't catch it live.
Duffy Elmer : Building Starts: 3:10
Cabal Paxiarch : Ηow did building the deck take an hour?
thcdreams654 : I play quite often still but I can feel where ben is coming from saying hes burnt out and missing formats like Zendikar and Kaldheim as opposed to a guild format like Strix. It's a feast or famine set. I've had 7 win runs and some 0 for 3s. But overall I might just finish my set completion and then save my resources for the DnD set.
Zac Dredge : I think you're a bit low in Aether Helix but otherwise agree with your build. Even without a great target in the yard(assuming you at least have a permanent) it's still a 2 for 1 that kills tokens in a format with plenty of good tokens and you only have 1 Bury.




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