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[LM] 370- PART 3 : 100 WORDS & PHRASES

500 Malay words \u0026 phrases : e note for sale
Usd 1.30
RM 5
my paypal : https://paypal.me/tinaamir111
local bank account : AMBANK : ADRIANO ENTERPRISE : 8881023854479
(don't forget to put your name in the reference)
don't forget to email me the evidence of payment
my email : reinamariposa111@gmail.com

yes, available now from January to April 2019
my paypal : https://paypal.me/tinaamir111
my email : reinamariposa111@gmail.com
details :-

Malay language or Bahasa Melayu or Bahasa Malaysia is the official language of Malaysia. Many of the neighboring countries speak the language as well :)

Wanna learn Malay through easy way?
Let's watch my videos
And you will see how everything as easy as ABC :)

Language is the vital part of cultural identity
Learning language can really help you make/create your life wonderful here
Malaysians feel so much appreciated and happy if you can speak
our language :)

Do you think I speak too fast? I'm sorry, but I cannot speak too slow,
otherwise, simple lesson won't be finished after three hours!
The best thing about video is that you can regulate the speed
on your own, that suits you best!

how to adjust speed of videos :)

To buy my book(malay novel:malay language), please check out and click the link below :)
- https://www.facebook.com/CroatiaMalaysiaJodohDariInternet/?ref=settings
- Instagram: tina_amir90
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vdlf-rAzbRI\u0026t=31s

email4businessenquiry: reinamariposa111@gmail.com

If you like my video, please consider to support me on :-
paypal : https://paypal.me/tinaamir111

so that i can make more videos :) thanks friends :)

My other channel

My cats' channel

Btw, please watch the following videos as well;
extremely important!

No.5 Pronouns

No.200 [We, You]

No.27 We Are Family

No.28 Malaysian Honorifics

Thanks for watching :)

#LearnMalay #MalayLanguage #LanguageInMalaysia #BahasaMelayu #BahasaMalaysia #Malay #Malaysia

Using ProMark LM 370A 3

Using a ProMark LM 370A (3 of 3)

LM 317 Voltage regulator IC. How to Calculate Resistance Value & Voltage ?

LM 317 is a Voltage regulator IC.
In this video it is shown that how make a very simple DC Volt regulator circuit using LM317T IC. You can regulate any voltage between 1.25 to 35 Volt. Remember R1 resistance is fixed and you have to change the value of R2 resistance.

How to calculate Volt Out ?
Volt Out= (R2*1.25/R1)+1.25

How to calculate R2 resistance value?
R2 ={(V.out-1.25)/1.25}*R1

#LM317 #Voltage_Regulator

Thanks from
"Simple Electronics"




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