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How to select SAS cables

In this video, I show you how to select the proper SAS cable wire up your HBA and HDD/SSDs or backplane. Just remember the 4-step rule, "COLD":

C = connector type
O = orientation of connector
L = length of cable
D = direction of cable

If you need any SAS cables, you can find them in my eBay store here:

For pre-flashed IT mode HBA SAS controllers, checkout my eBay store:

eBay Partner Affiliate disclosure:

The eBay links in this video description are eBay partner affiliate links. By using these links to shop on eBay, you support my channel, at no additional cost to you. Even if you do not buy from the ART OF SERVER eBay store, any purchases you make on eBay via these links, will help support my channel. Please consider using them for your eBay shopping. Thank you for all your support! :-)

SATA vs SAS As Fast As Possible

SATA is the dominant interface for hard drives these days, but could SAS be a powerful alternative for your setup, or is it just too impractical?

Squarespace link: Visit and use offer code LINUS to save 10% off your first order.


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A cheap way to test one SAS drive when fail with this connector and a SAS controller intern, cables.

A cheap way to test just one SAS drive at a time. this connector that run about $10 to $13 in cost, will allow you to hook up a failing SAS drive from a RAID group or storage pool and be able to test it on your local system by providing it with a SAS/SATA rated SAS controller. The motherboard is not rated to support SAS drives (unless a server mainboard with SAS controllers on board.). Just buy a HBA or SAS/SATA rated I/O controller for $25.00/$35.00 off of Ebay to allow you to test single SAS drives using your PC system.

Thanks to Ronald Fadrigo as asking for more detail for this video.

Keep enjoying and the learning!

related sites:
For the SAS connector to 15 pin power $13.00

For the SAS/SATA controller best to look at Ebay. Avoid RAID controllers if possible..





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