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매력적인 터치폰 '프레스토 폰(IM-U310)'

프레스토 폰(IM-U310) \r
제조사 SKY \r
브랜드 SKY \r
출시일 2008년-11월 \r
-제품내용- \r
두께 12.6mm \r
3형 터치스크린/ 200만 화소 카메라 \r
터치유 /MP3/ DMB \r
영상통화/ 블루투스 \r
한영혁 기자\r
- Copyrights ⓒ미디어인뉴스. 무단 전재 및 재배포 금지 -

Lenovo U310 - Wifi does not work - U310 or U410

Wifi range is really bad with this laptop.

NOTE: Unlike other computer vendors, opening the system WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY. Keep this in mind.

NOTE2: On the wifi issue, I've tried a few things, however have yet to resolve it. The only solution at this point to get good wifi is to purchase a "nano" wifi adapter, cost is roughly $10.
minglet : Nice review.
lambr8 : It's the same with the broadcom wireless card, so...i think it's a design problem
fsdarrell : U410 also has fragile wireless connections. I'm stuck with this new laptop for a few years, but I'd advise others to buy something else.
MrJohnnesh : hey,man. When did you realize that it has problem on wi-fi? I mean do they give guarantee for this stuff, or how you dealt with this problem? thanks
DonVinzone : I have a U310 as well. wifi connection drops dramatically when you're 5 meters away from a router/modem. Connection speed is good at times, but as of lately, my laptop just keeps kicking me off of the network randomly. Or it can connect, but doesn't allow for internet access.
Really sucks, as the laptop itself is great. It looks well, is fast, does everything you want...except for proper wireless internet.


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